about us

Ocean Hill Cats’ goal is to humanely and safely reduce the huge overpopulation of stray and feral cats living on the streets and increase the quality of life of those who stay outside. Female kittens can get pregnant as early as at 4 months old and have 4-5 litters per year! That means most kittens don’t make it, and the ones that do are forced to fight for food, territory, mates… and repeat the cycle.

We do our part by participating in trap, neuter, return (TNR) program – we use humane traps to catch feral cats and take them to the vet. They get fixed (spayed or neutered), vaccinated, flea treated, dewormed and returned outdoors to the same spot where they were trapped. Each returned cat gets an “ear tip” (a tiny tip of their ear is removed during spay/neuter surgery) to communicate to other rescuers that they’re already fixed, and don’t need to be trapped again. After the release, we coordinate ongoing care (food, water, shelter) for the community cats by tending to the cat colonies ourselves or working with volunteers. If the street cats within our care get sick or injured, we take them in and ensure they get appropriate veterinary care.

Where needed and/or possible, we will do our best to find homes for street cats - for example friendly community cats living in dangerous locations, sick cats who can’t survive outside or abandoned pets. We also support low-income and vulnerable residents who own cats as pets by facilitating access (scheduling, transport, recovery) to low-cost veterinary & spay/neuter appointments. 

If you want to learn more about our day to day, we mainly hang out on instagram @oceanhillcats - find us there!