Meet Crispy! This outgoing and curious mini panther is a social butterfly, always eager to be involved in whatever is happening around him. Cripsy loves to be in your company, often choosing to lay on the bed or just on a perch near you. He also loves playing with wand toys! Cripsy is pretty shy at first and will need a bit to get used to you. Once he feels comfortable, he will blossom into the best kitty. Though he may not be the biggest fan of cuddles, Crispy shows his affection in other ways. He enjoys being close to you, often following you around the house, and he can be coaxed into a gentle pat with the promise of a tasty treat. Crispy would thrive in an environment where he can have his space when needed but still be part of the family activities. If you're looking for a unique, spirited companion who will keep you entertained and loved from a respectful distance, Crispy is the perfect match for you! Crispy is neutered, FeLV/FIV negative, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, treated for fleas & dewormed!

domestic short hair
young adult (1-2 years)
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